To and From Myoko

FROM TOKYO - Access to Myoko from Tokyo is so easy and there are many ways to arrive at our beautiful destination.


We highly recommend travelling by car - AWD or 4WD with winter tyres for great sightseeing, side trips and travel to resorts. We offer plenty of off street parking at the front of the lodge.

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By Car:  <>.

You can also take the Hokuriku Line to Joetsu from Tokyo, Toyota Rental and Nippon Rental are at the back of the station through the walkway. So, after your Myoko stay drop the car back to Joetsu and take the shinkansen back to Tokyo - easy!



Car Hire: AWD or 4WD with winter tyres only. Hire a car and drive up from Tokyo or Haneda/Narita airports to Myoko. Pre Book online in english recommended.

Don’t forget your International Licence and soft racks for skis and boards! 


FROM TOKYO - Take the Nagano Asama Shinkansen on the Hokuriku line to Nagano station. 

Then between Nagano and Myoko Kogen you take the Shinano Railway Kita-shinano Line local train. <>.

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Local bus from Hakuba Bus Station to Nagano Train Station and local train to Myoko Kogen.

We can also provide pickup from the train station, just contact us prior so we know when to pick you up.



This service - Myoko Kogen to/from Narita & Haneda Airport to Hakuba Valley, Nozawa Onsen, Shiga Kogen and Madarao Kogen, you can find the timetable and prices with online reservation <>. The bus leaves from the chosen departure via Nagano then onto Myoko Kogen destination, dropped at Akakura Bus Stop.

We can also provide pickup from Akakura Bus Station, just contact us prior so we know when to pick you up.



You can send your gear to us from the airport and travel hands free on the Shinkansen. Stay in Tokyo with an overnight bag, then get the shinkansen up to Nagano and the local train to Myoko. Show them our address from your email for the paperwork.

Haneda 3F or 1F Yamato Transport Takkyubin Counter

Narita 3F or 1F Narita Airport Takkyubin Counter

Once you have completed your stay, send your gear back to the airport for pickup at the terminal and enjoy your continued travel around Japan gear free. 

We help you do it!








AWDまたは4WD、スノータイヤのみ。 <>


 北陸本線で上越まで行きたいと思ったら、駅の裏, トヨタレンタカーがあります, にニッポンレンタカーがあります。

電車で:北陸本線の長野あさま新幹線で長野駅まで行きたい。長野と妙高高原の間は、しなの鉄道北シナノ線の普通列車に乗ります。 <>。